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Fill Your Table: A KY Proud Thanksgiving

As many of you know, my passion is helping those around me find their way to KY Proud and farm direct products. Growing up on a farm, being a farmers daughter and wife, and now selling farm direct Larland say it hits close to home is an understatement.

Buying farm direct has so many benefits:

1) You know where your stuff is made.

2) You know how it is made.

3) You know what's in it.

4) You know who made it.

5) You know the money spent is going directly to those who worked hard to produce it for you.

6) The quality is much better because it's fresh. If you buy a strawberries from the grocery, it was picked, packed, and shipped to where ever you purchased it. If you buy farm direct, it was likely picked that morning, no preservatives, just fresh berries right off the farm.

7) It MIGHT even be cheaper than the big box store. But, if it's not, consider farmer is making millions. They are just producing their product, the best and most efficient way they know how, and are trying to make enough money to feed their family and keep their farm afloat. Support them. You're helping keep food on their table so they can keep food on yours.

Now that I've convinced you that supporting your farmers is the only way to's how to have the best Kentucky Proud Thanksgiving!

The Centerpiece of the Event: The Turkey from Elmwood Stock Farm

This year, consider buying a local bird from Elmwood Stock Farm. Their birds are organic and pasture raised. They ship or you can pickup in several locations. For all the details and to buy yours, head over to Elmwood's Website.

The Bread: Tallulah Farm

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving are all those delicious carbs! Don't miss the Sweet Rolls or Sourdough Bread from Tallulah Farm. They take preorders, deliver locally, or you can pickup at the farm. To place your order, head over to their page here.

The Sides: All the veggies!

If you like to cook, we recommend checking out a local farm like High Five Farms. They offer a CSA (Community supported agriculture) where you buy a share of their crop and you get some of the harvest all season long. They are taking orders now for their Fall CSA. Check out the photo! How delicious does that look! Yum! Click here for info.

The Sides: Pre-Made and ready to eat!

If you prefer none of the stress or mess, you need to check out The MouseTrap in Lexington. They offer a wide variety of pre-order sides & starters, like their famous pimento cheese, mashed potatoes, or green beans. The food is amazing and their shop is full of finds to make your holiday party the talk of the town. Check out their catering menu here.

Get Saucy: Poorhouse Sorghum

Ever heard the phrase, "make you wanna slap yah mammie?" haha. (Yes, that's a southern thing). This sauce is it. The good folks at Poorhouse Sorghum make BBQ Sauce in hot and mild that is AWESOME on turkey (and we highly recommend on Larland Beef Brisket). Try the BBQ and their Apple Butter! Bonus: They are also veteran owned!

The Dessert: Bluegrass & Buttercream

Pumpkin Roll, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin everything! What's Thanksgiving without the Pumpkin....but, if you're not a fan, Shana at Bluegrass & Buttercream does it all. She has a wide array of preorder sweets on her Thanksgiving menu. We recommended the Pumpkin Roll...and, well, everything in her shop. It's all good! She also does DIY cookie kits that are a perfect distraction for the kiddos while entertaining at home! More info here.

While these are some great selection to fill your table, it's certainly only a FEW of the awesome options we have available to us in Kentucky. Do yourself, and your guests, a favor and buy local this holiday season! You won't be disappointed!

For a complete list of Kentucky Proud vendors near you, check out:

*Photos courtesy of each vendor listed*

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