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Meet Our Farmers

Welcome to the Larland Family

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Larry W. Donnell

Founder & Owner of Larland Farm

Larry, also known as G by his granddaughter Liv, handles all day to day operations at Larland Farm. Larry is a 4th generation farmer, gowning up in Versailles, Kentucky learning from his father. He is the eldest of 3 siblings. He is the reason Larland exists and has never truly taken a vacation. To say the farm is his livelihood, is an understatement.

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William Richard III

Farm Manager

Will joined the Larland Farm team in 2019 after spending just over a decade in the Thoroughbred horse industry. He gained knowledge of farming working for Hill N Dale and Watercress Farm and helping them raise some of the finest racehorses in history. Today, he spends his days working cattle, fixing fence, and driving tractors at Larland. He married Laura in 2017 and they moved to the farm in 2019. They have one daughter, Liv.

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Debbie Donnell

Farmer's Wife

Have you ever heard the phrase behind every man is a good woman? They weren't lying...Debbie holds the title of Farmers Wife, Mother, and Granny Nanny to Liv. She spent 32 years working for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, retiring in 2019. She met Larry in Versailles, Kentucky, where they both grew up. They were married in 1987 and had their daughter, Laura, in 1988.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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Laura Richard

President & CEO of Larland Beef

Laura grew up on Larland and spent her childhood riding horses and checking cattle daily with her father, Larry. She graduated from Eastern KY University with a Broadcasting and Electronic Media Degree. Upon graduation, Laura took at job and Taylor Made Farm, a Thoroughbred operation in 2011 and moved to Lexington.  After yearning to get back to Larland, she and her husband moved in 2019. In 2020, she founded Larland Beef which exclusively buys cattle from Larland Farm to provide our community access to the finest quality farm fresh beef.

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Liv Richard

G's Sidekick & Future Gate Opener

If you grew up on a farm, you know that the first job you get is the gate opener...the person who has to get out/off of the truck/tractor/horse to open the gate for the older, lazier person...I'm certain this is the main reason farmers have children.  Larland is Liv's future. Liv, named about her great grandmothers Olivia & Jane, is the daughter of Will & Laura. She was born November 2018.

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Trevor Wayne Donnell

Farm Dog

Trevor Wayne (Larry's middle name is Wayne, coincidence?) is the trusty farm dog. Mainly, 'house dog' now that he is in his late 70's. He usually found laying around chewing on a bone or begging for some human food. Laura adopted Trev back in 2009 when he was just a pup. Today, he's big buddies with Liv and any time she cries, he does, too. Good boy!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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