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Our Story

Farm Fresh Angus Beef

Larland Farm was originated in Lancaster, Kentucky in 1987 by Larry Donnell.

In 1988, Larry and his wife Debbie had their daughter, Laura. Combining their names, Larry and Laura, "Larland Farm" was born. 

At the time, Larland was a 200 acre dairy operation but later, after tobacco and crop farming,  transitioned to a beef cattle operation. Larry learned the trade from his father Joseph Donnell, Jr. and before him Joseph Donnell, Sr. and before him was Hiram Clay Donnell making his daughter, Laura a 5th generation farmer. After four expansions, Larland has grown to nearly 600 acres. At 71, Larry still operates every aspect of the farm with the help of his son-in-law, William Richard III. 

Around 800 Black Angus cattle call Larland home. Our herd is raised humanely, free roaming on the rolling hills of central Kentucky. In addition to grass, we also grain feed our cattle with the farms special blend of locally sourced nutrients including corn and soybeans.  We believe this combination is the key to maximum marbling and flavor. 

In 2020, Laura wanted to expand the operation to include a "Farm to Fork" option. This ​is when Larland Beef was born. Laura sources cattle from Larland Farm and processes them locally providing custom beef to the general public. This allows us to cut out the middle man, providing YOU with the freshest and highest quality beef for the best price. This is the best way to support a local farm and provide the highest quality, freshest beef to your family. 

Larland Beef is our pride, our reputation, and our legacy. We hope you enjoy our beef. 

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