Farm Fresh Black Angus Beef.


Our cattle are raised on grass in the heart of central Kentucky. Every single cow has been hand selected, raised on 600 acres of grass, and receive a special blend of grains including corn and soybeans.


An example 1/4 bundle may include:

-Filet Mignon (.40 lbs)

-3 Packs of Ribeye (1.41, 1.34, and 1.38 lbs)

-Porterhouse Steak (.99 lbs)

-2 Packs NY Strip (.60 & 1.08 lbs)

-2 Packs T-Bone (.77 & .79 lbs)

-Skirt Steak (.91 lbs)

-2 Packs Sirloin (1.30 & .71 lbs)

-Flank Steak (1.48 lbs)

-2 Rump Roasts (3.26 & 3.91 lbs)

-Sirloin Tip Roast (3.19 lbs)

-Top Round Roast (3.34 lbs)

-Bottom Round Roast (3.51 lbs)

-Chuck Roast (4.36 lbs)

-Brisket (3.76 lbs)

-Ground Beef, 1 lbs rolls (56 lbs)


All beef is USDA Certified and Kentucky Proud.


During processing your beef will be hung up to 14 days for maximum flavor, then it is vacuum sealed and frozen.


This item cannot be shipped. Pickup only at the farm in Lancaster, KY.

Quarter Beef

  • For your safety and to ensure the highest quality standards, all Larland Beef sales are final.