Larland Bundles are the best way to taste our delicious Black Angus Beef before jumping into purchasing it in bulk! Each bundle is unique and is only available once! Check back weekly for new additions! 


Larland Bundle 1/8 Beef Bundle Includes: 

-Filet Mignon (.42 lbs)

-Ribeye (1.02 lbs)

-Two New York Strip (.58 & .55 lbs)

-Sirloin (.74 lbs)

-Brisket (1.98lbs)

-Tenderized Round Steak (1.10 lbs)

-Chuck Roast (3.85lbs)

-Rump Roast (3.79 lbs)

-Sirloin Tip (3.11 lbs)

-Top Round Roast (3.85lbs)

-Ground Beef - packaged in 1 pound rolls (21 lbs)


1/8 of a beef will easily fit into a standard size kitchen refrigerator/freezer combination. 


All beef is USDA Certified, Kentucky Proud, & Black Angus. 

1/8 Beef Bundle #4



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